Federal Aviation Administration 50th Anniversary Coin

In 2008, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) celebrated its 50th anniversary and worked with TK Promotions to help commemorate the event. Several items were produced, including lapel pins, challenge coins and crystal awards. In order to ensure a smooth ordering process and to provide a faster delivery to the FAA, TK Promotions set up and managed an online store. Overall, 40,000 lapel pins and 10,000 coins were produced to commemorate the occasion. The customized challenge coin was awarded to FAA employees who exhibited outstanding service throughout their career. Custom crystal awards were designed for the 50th Anniversary, and were presented at its award ceremony in Washington, DC. These beautiful pieces were mounted to a wooden base and given individual brass name plates to add a touch of personalization.
[testimonial company=”FAA HR employee” author=”— Bonnie G.” image=”https://www.tkpromotionsinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/FAA-logo.jpg”]TK Promotions was instrumental in working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in celebrating 50 years as a federal government agency.  The TK team worked efficiently and professionally to design awards that were presented at our FAA 50th Anniversary Celebration with approximately 4,000 local employees present at the kick off celebration hosted by the FAA Administrator and Secretary Mary Peters, Department of Transportation.[/testimonial]